Location Haiti

Haiti is a tropical state in the Caribbean and climatically a paradise for forests. But because of soil erosion and deforestation the previously fertile soil shrank to about 50% since its inhabitation. Within the 1990-ties, the natural tropical forest was foraged by 98%, which in turn lead to increased desertification. The drastic consequences of this can be seen especially when compared to the neighbouring state of the Dominican Republic.

In addition to the precarious state of affairs for animals and humans alike, Haiti is often a victim to hurricanes such as “Matthew” with devastating impact onto already damaged infrastructure from a previous earthquake.

All of the above are the reasons for Desert Tree to have become active and to support the local populace to plant trees: 1000 different trees have been planted. The species are such as breadnut  trees [Brosimum alicastrum], Berrya cubensis and avocados, i.e. already existing local species. The sites of the trees on the island are Jérémie and Anse-à-pitre.