Location Algeria

Our trees have been planted in the city of Tiaret (“Forêt des pins”), which is also called the gate of the desert, even though it is still about 100 km away from the desert. The city is located in the Atlas mountain range at an elevation of approximately 1000 m above sea level.

Even though that Mediterranean forest cover a rather small area of the worldwide forests, they do harbor a large and exceptional diversity of plants and animals alike. Most of them are perfectly capable of handling the long arduous summers with little to no precipitation (depending on the year). As such, about 10% of the known plant species are native to Mediterranean forest and many endemic species occur just in these habitats.


The planting of tree has a large impact on the global climate: A hectare of forest binds approximately 20 tons of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) per year, which amounts to 600 tons for a lifespan of 30 years.

A single tree is able to produce up to 1200 liters of oxygen, or put differently: During his growth period in summer he produces the needed oxygen for about 10 humans.

But there is more: During one hour, the tree uses about 2.4 kilogram carbon dioxide and during one day up to 400 liters of water “flow” trough the tree, increasing humidity in the air considerably and reducing air temperature by a few degrees.