Location Morocco

Morocco, Atlas Mountains, Tal Ait Bouguemez, Timmit,

On the area of the École Vivante, an independent school in the high Atlas mountain range in Morocco, a ecosystem which will serve as an example for sustainable agriculture in the whole region is planned. The school is acting a center and baseline for spreading the idea of permaculture – a place for the idea to start and grow.

The aim of permaculture is to create stable ecosystem of different species that harmonize well while also stabilizing each other. This results in retaining the environment instead of rebuilding it again and again with the use of “normal” agricultural techniques. Lukas Müller and Joana Baumann will integrate this idea locally as it is a perfect fit for the wishes and circumstances of the school.

Changing the area of the school is bound to be a base for a diverse ecosystem, which will work for human and nature alike. To achieve this several places are needed:

  • a vegetable, fruit and herb garden for food production
  • natural aqueducts for plants (garden and other places alike)
  • compost systems
  • places to learn, play
  • a kitchen and a workshop
  • animals to complete a holistic approach
  • places without human impact for nature to thrive

Desert Tree supported the first planting of fruit trees at the school.

The long term goal for the coming years is to reforest the whole hill. For this a clever system to keep back the water which would otherwise erode the soil is in place and used to water the plants.

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