Small DIY projects

Of course no one forces you to be a member of Desert Tree to make something good for you and the environment and that’s why we collected some small do it yourself projects that we found cool or did ourselves.

If you always wanted to green up your office with the added merit of having herbs for your salad, there is a way: On ARTE in the maker tutorials they show you how it’s done, and even though the video is in German, most of it should be self-explanatory to make this vertical indoor garden

The same idea can be applied for your outdoor garden! Simply get a EU pallet. Often you can find them on the street or at a local logistics company for free or a little amount of money. Then you might need some fleece or foil from your local hardware store. This type of vertical outdoor garden may be easily adapted to your available space and local climate with the size and type of plants that you want/like. See this link for further explanation on how to construct such an item, or if you’re not afraid of a bit German with pictures you may find instructions also here

Often when we make vegetables, we get green waste. Not everybody has the space for a compost in the garden. Alas, fear not, there is a solution, the worm compost! It consists of a few boxes and some earthworms. For the details check out the instructions here.

Or you can also help the wild bees and possibly increase biodiversity by building your own bee hotel as shown here